Satellite internet packages available for the EZ-Net service, see below for coverage area.

The cost of the equipment is £1500 whichever package you choose and you can move between any of the packages at any time. Upgrades are free but please note that downgrades incur an administration fee equivalent to the cost of one month at your current tariff.

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Download Speed

up to 30Mbps up to 30Mbps up to 30Mbps

Upload Speed

up to 2Mbps up to 2Mbps up to 2Mbps

Data Allowance

10GB 20GB 40GB


£1500 £1500 £1500

One-Off Activation

£49.95 £49.95 £49.95

Unmetered Night Time Usage
(00:00 to 06:00 every day)

Free Free Free

Per month

Prices incl UK VAT @ 20%





Service Zone

The service has the following coverage area*:


Unmetered Night Time Usage

Our EZ10, EZ20 and EZ40 subscriptions offer unmetered night-time data as standard. This means that any data that you download or upload between the hours of midnight and 6:00am every day simply won’t be counted towards your overall monthly data allowance. So you can use this period to schedule in any downloading of large files, movies & TV shows, software updates, cloud back-ups – and preserve your data allowance for when you most need it.

Package Service Speeds

The speeds quoted are “up to” maximum speeds of the satellite connection. As with all internet services, the actual speed achieved depends on the site visited and internet and network congestion. Learn more


Satellites offer a “high-speed, high-latency” connection due to the distance of the satellites from the earth. The high latency may result in some webpages taking longer to appear and may affect some applications such as gaming and VPNs.

*Service countours are purely indicative and subject to change without notice.
Any graphical representation is provided for marketing purposes only and is not intended to a be a legally binding service level commitment.