Package Reset

How does a Package Reset give more data?

A Package Reset resets your Account Data Usage – and hence the relevant Speed Step – to what they would have been if you hadn’t used any data in the month. Data Usage and Speed Step then proceed as normal.

If you have used up your Value Plus data allowance (either upload or download) and are on the “Plus” follow-on speed step, then you have two choices:

  1. Decide if you can wait until the next normal monthly period.
  2. If you want a reset earlier than that, you can buy a Package Reset at any time in the month which will reset your Speed Step and Data amount to top Step straight away (can take up to 30 minutes to activate).

Reset costs vary by package and are between half and two-thirds of the monthly subscription.

Package Resets are also known as “Monthly Resets” or, for Standard Packages, “FUP Resets”.

If your data reset date is close, then you may prefer to wait for a normal regular Reset. However, purchasing a Package Reset does put you back on to the top Step if you can’t wait until then.

Package Reset costs for currently available new Packages are:

4M3 10M5 10M10
£10 £15 £18

You may buy as many Resets in a month as you like which for some may be a more convenient way of dealing with short-term high data usage instead of going for a higher contract. It’s your choice.