What’s included


QuickSAT elevation meter

The EZ-NET satellite internet system allows you to get online within minutes from unpacking your kit.

The EZ-NET system uses our patented QuickSAT satellite elevation system, the digital elevation meter is conveniently placed on the carefully calibrated mount on the arm of the dish and allows you to accurately set the required elevation without the need to make sure the dish is on level ground, just tilt the dish until the clear display reads the correct elevation, no messing around with spirit levels and difficult to read markings on the dish.

In addition the EZ-NET comes with the unique Point & Play system which is an innovative easy installation system that consists of a small antenna pointing tool that communicates with the satellite modem. The Point & Play system in combination with the iLNB provides correct satellite identification and facilitates easy dish pointing with an audio feedback. This unique Point & Play easy-installation technology allows the setup of the complete system without any expensive tools or specialist skills and gives more accurate pointing than any meter.


iLNB with Point & Play tool connected.

iLNB with Point & Play tool connected.

Advantages of the Point & Play system over a traditional meter:

  • Measures the actual signal for the service as received by the satmodem using the iLNB / transceiver. Meters don’t.
  • The internet service uses different modulations than TV so meters can not usually be set to measure this
  • Some meters also have issues because the iLNB does not switch polarity and the transmission is circularly polarised
  • The internet service uses much bigger symbol rates than normal meters can use
  • It is much easier to listen to the pitch of a tone than look at a meter while adjusting the dish

You can only get an accurate fine point by using the actual service signal monitored by the satmodem.


What’s in the kit?