Data Allowance

Each package allows you a defined amount of data for each month, with both upload and download traffic limits.

Once this data has been consumed, your account will stay online at the follow-on speed of up to 256kbps until overuse limits are reached.

So you get your regular monthly amount plus the unique follow-on allowance even if you’ve used up your normal data.

You may choose to stay at the follow-on speed until your monthly data reset date is reached or purchase a Package reset to get an immediate new allowance.

Package up to max download speed up to max upload speed
down + up download upload follow-on data overuse limit
4M3 4Mbps 364 3,072MB 2,560MB 512MB 30GB
10M5 10Mbps 364 5,120MB 4,627MB 853MB 50GB
10M10 10Mbps 364 10,240MB 8,533MB 1,707MB 50GB
  • Note 1 “up to” max speed is connection speed from satmodem to hub. Actual throughput depends on number of applications you are running, number of devices connected to the satmodem and internet performance outside the satellite network.
  • Note 2 the Zone will be the one you selected at order time. For maps and details of Service Zones please click here.
  • Note 3 after the data amount, follow-on speed of up 256kbps up to the first limit then up to 64kbps until the overuse limit.