How do I get Unlimited Data with FreeZone?

FreeZone is unique to our satellite broadband service, offering unlimited data download that doesn’t affect your daytime browsing.

If you have FreeZone on your account, any data downloaded or uploaded during the FreeZone period (23:00 – 07:00 UK time) does not count toward your normal regular daytime data. It’s truly unlimited – you can download as much as you like.

Large files like software updates, audio and especially video can soon use up large amounts of data and this can put you on a lower speedstep before you’d expect it.

FreeZone gives you unlimited downloads between 11.00pm and 07.00am UK time daily. These overnight downloads do not count towards your normal monthly data allowance. FreeZone operates at “best efforts” speed which is best available speed up to your package maximum.

Many applications, like Windows Updates or Anti-Virus/Security can be set to download during a specific time period. BBC iPlayer can be used to download or Series Record during FreeZone to watch back later.

For other downloads, you can use a download manager to schedule all your heavy downloads: audio or video files, software updates and so on; into the FreeZone period and leave your daytime data and speedstep completely unaffected.

If you find you are regularly downloading a large amount of data which isn’t particularly time-sensitive and could be scheduled overnight, you should consider using FreeZone to keep your daytime browsing free and easy.